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Backlighting Options for Membrane Switches

Elements of a membrane switch can be lit using one of 3 options:

Fiber Optic Backlighting


membrane switch with fibre optic backlighting offmembrane switch with fibre optic backlighting on


Electro-luminescent Backlighting


Membrane switch with embeddedLED


LED Backlighting – LBF (LED Backlighting Film)

LED Backlighting – LBF (LED Backlighting Film)  LED Backlighting – LBF (LED Backlighting Film)

LBF is a revolutionary new technique of adding illumination to text, icons and large areas of membrane switch graphics. Low power side firing surface mount (SM) LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) send light along the thin film (LBF). The finished product is very thin.


The principle is analogous of fibre optic cable where light is transmitted along a cable or wire bouncing off the polished sides like a light pipe. The LBF is selectively printed with a texture to allow light to escape in the desired locations. It offers uniform brightness. It is less expensive than FO (Fibre Optic) backlighting and more durable than EL (electroluminescence) backlighting.


Before LBF the two traditional methods of backlighting were FO backlighting and EL backlighting.

The disadvantage of FO backlighting is its cost and thickness.

The disadvantage of EL backlighting is its requirement of an inverter to feed relatively high voltages (60 to 600vac) and its diminishing brightness over a period of time.

After three months of research, within the last week, we have developed a new feature for LBF: an ability to change colours. We will be posting photos of LBF white and LBF re-yellow shortly.




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