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As a licensed provider of Duraswtich products, we are pleased to able to make these new technologies available to our customers. They offer a reliable alternative to the traditional membrane switch. The thin profile of Duraswitch products eliminates the scraping, flexing and grinding associated with traditional switches.


thiNcoder Rotary Switches


thiNcoder Features

Duraswitch thiNcoder rotary switchLowest Profile Encoder

Flat Panel Integration on Flex Circuits

Power-saving design

Tested to 100,000 Rotations

Environmentally Sealed Circuit

Eliminates Through-Holes

Easy integration with Pushgate

Multiple Codes and Indexing Options

No Soldering Required

Lower Cost




Duraswitch Pushgate Switch

PushGate is a unique patented push button design combining the advantages of discrete mechanical and flat panel membrane switches with many other benefits. PushGate push buttons with their thin profile are both cost-effective and simple in design. This technology sets new standards for reliability and durability. The crisp tactile feel does not degrade over time giving it a distinct advantage over conventional mechanical and membrane switches.




PushGate Features
30 Million Plus Actuations
Normally Closed / Open Safety Switch
Tactile Feel Does Not Change
Impossible to Tease
High Impact-Vandal Resistant
Large Key Option
Dual Output
Illumination Options
Extreme Altitude / Temp.
Peel & Place


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6W6O1207 - Duraswitch ThiNcoder rotor switch



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