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Membrane Switches

Membrane switches have become one of the most popular and widely implemented forms of user interface. Nimbus Interface Solutions can provide this type of technology for your application at prices that will help keep your costs down without the slightest compromise in quality or reliability.
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Membrane Switch Options


Membrane switches that provide tactile feedback for the user usually do so by embossing the key areas so that when the user presses the switch there is a “clicking” sensation as the embossed area is depressed to complete the circuit.


In the Non-Tactile type of membrane switch construction, user feedback is usually visual such via an LED or a change in the display area of the device or via an audible sound produced when the circuit is closed.

PCB Hybrid Switches

In some cases a Printed Circuit Board switch with a graphic overlay may be the best approach. The PCB can be used for mechanical support and connections are made using conductive pathways. There are many variations on this type of design available. Please contact us for specifics.


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6W6O1388- variable slot insert membrane swtich

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