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Touch Screen

The Touch Screen interface affords special options not available in most other switch interface designs. The transparent screen is touch-sensitive so that the user's interaction with elements displayed by an LCD display behind the screen is picked up and transmitted to a processor which interprets the signal and reacts appropriately. You'll find this technology ideal for many applications such as restaurant systems, information terminals for general public use, industrial control interfaces, arcade computer games etc.


Nimbus has a new dedicated touch screen division aimed at small to medium sized customers. This state of the art manufacturing facility is a Class 1 clean environment.
Most touch screen manufacturers are chasing the big orders for mobile phones, iPads etc. and they are not geared to service small to medium businesses. Let Nimbus help you with this technology.


Integration with other Interface Technologies

Touch screens can be used together with other types of control systems such as flex membrane, PCB membrane or silicone keypad membrane switches.


Available Touch Screen Technologies

Digital Touch Screen (matrix)
Analog Touch Screen (4 & 5 wire)
ITO Resistive
Silver or Copper Flex Tail
Crimped Connector Option
ZIF Connector Option


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6W6O2908 - Touch Screen Panel




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